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Andy’s Official Halloween Picture Post

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Well, it was a pretty decent Halloween weekend. I went to Spanky’s annual Halloween costume party on friday night and got completely smashed. Emily and some other people took pictures, so I am hoping to get copies of those sometime soon. I won the secret costume contest and got a couple bottles of fine Polish “luxury” vodka (Belvedere and Chopin) in a boxed set. I also politely declined an offer to take a ride in a police cruiser (I think they just wanted to have some fun driving around with me in the car, but I figured I would be better off playing it safe and staying on the porch). Saturday I nursed a lovely hangover for most of the day, had lunch with Eryn and some other kids that I went to Concord with, and then headed up the hill for another costume party. A few local bands were playing, including my friends, Librarians, and the place was fairly well packed. I saw a few people that I knew, and lots of people complimented me on my costume. I spent the majority of the night standing out in front of the house because my costume made it difficult to move around inside. There were a lot of really cool and really good costumes at the party. The only part of the night that really worried me was the walk home. Some people had strange reactions to my costume–most people were pretty friendly, and I actually got invited to join a couple parties, but some people were rather violent. Some girl started yelling and asking someone to give her a beer bottle to throw at me. :-/ And then a group of drunk guys on a porch kept yelling at me, apparently thinking that my costume was “a box of blowjobs” (???), and for a moment I thought they were going to chase me down and jump me. But eventually I made it home OK, and all was well.

Pictures and comments

Family Fun Day

Thursday, July 15th, 2004

So, today was the day that my dad and mom and I all spent together doing family activity. We went to the Johnson Space Center near Texas City (aka: Houston from “Houston, we have a problem.”). Took some tours, saw some exhibits, watched an iMax film about the international space station. I saw some neat things, some disturbing people, some sexy girls. I took plenty of pictures, but I doubt that very many came out very well. On the way home, we stopped at El Toro for dinner and then rented The Bourne Identity to watch when we got home. And then we watched The Bourne Identity, and it was good. While we were renting the video, I saw an interesting new product. I think that I totally need to get CRUNK!!! in the next couple days before I leave TX.

Anyhow, I will post some pictures from the Space Center as soon as I get them uploaded.

update: pics!

A Morgantown Morning Odyssey

Friday, May 7th, 2004

I have posted a new moment of quietism. (quietist)

It is a visual account of my wanderings this past morning.

A Morgantown Morning Odyssey

Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Seven

Wednesday, December 10th, 2003

I think I will be OK. My gums are far less sensitive these past few days. I know that there is a chunk of jaw or something loose on my upper left jaw, but I am going to just ignore it for a while and hope that it fuses back to the rest of the bone. While brushing my teeth this morning, another small bone fragment came out; excellent, the process has begun.

Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Six Point Five

Friday, December 5th, 2003

Throughout the course of the day, my gums/jaw/tooth thing have started feeling more and more sensitive. When I finally got home from our advertising presentations, i started prodding around my upper left gums with my finger. It was then that I discovered that something hard was loose under the gum. I tried pressuring it out in a few different ways, but all it did was move around more without coming out of my gums. It’s in their deep-ish though. I think that it is either a root that the doctor somehow missed, or else it is piece of jaw that somehow got chipped off the bone but is stuill trupped under the gums. I tried splitting the gums some with my finger nail to created a path for it to come out through, but no luck. I probably just fucked it up worse when I did that though. I am going to call a dentist tomorrow. I can barely type this out. I keep fading in and out of consciousness (I assume from lack of sleep). I’m going to use one of my pain pills and got to bed. Goodnight.

Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Six

Friday, December 5th, 2003

Well, I made it to my appointment at 8:30 this morning even though I almost missed it (see previous entry). I got a real syringe for spraying out my sockets with, and things are going well according to the doctor. When I inquired about the exposed bone in my upper gums, he seemed nonplussed and explained that because of how my teeth were positioned in the jaw, they left a very sharp edge along the jaw where the teeth had been. So what is happening is that the jaw is basically cutting/hacking/tearing my upper gums apart because it is so sharp, and it will be exposed until it wears down some and “rounds off” the edge. This usually takes about 8 weeks according to the doctor. He says that I can expect to be in some real pain every time something touches the gums all the way back there on the upper jaw for the next 8 weeks or so.

I think that I have a plan to make this process go much quicker though. I am going to try to find something that is hard and course that I can stick back there on my upper sockets and “chew” on with my jawbone to help it weather quicker. The tricky part is making sure it is rough on top but soft on the bottom so that it grinds the bone down on the upper jaw but does not eat away at my lower gums as well. Anybody have any ideas? (Oh yes, and it cannot be something that tastes fowl or disgusting or that is a possible health hazard.)

“( I wish that I were ) Dead” Week.

Friday, December 5th, 2003

So this week is supposed to be very calm and laid back. Students are not supposed to be presented with any new material, have and tests or quizzes, or have any projects/assignments due. The instructors are supposed to use this week to review for finals. There is even a number to call if your professor violates this policy. The problem is that most professors who violate this have tenure and so it doesn’t matter. And those without tenure are doing it largely because the guys with tenure are telling them to follow the example.


Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Five Point Five

Thursday, December 4th, 2003

After some closer inspection (due to my obsessive nature), I think that the bone in my gums is not actually a tooth fragment, but rather is a jagged edge of jawbone that has cut through the gums and is now exposed. It is starting to get more and more painful, and the one on the other side is as well, although it has not broken through the surface of the gums just yet. I’m starting to dislike this very much.

Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Five

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

So it seems that I have a tooth fragment working its way out of my upper right gums. It doesn’t really hurt unless I touch it, so I guess I just need to not touch it until the doctor can look at it on friday. I think that there is one on the upper left side as well, but it has not broken through the surface of my gums yet. They said that it is a pretty common occurrance, so I guess I don’t really have anything to worry about, but I don’t like the idea of having something hard and sharp being loose inside of my gums that are trying to heal. I imagine that it is going to suck on friday if they have to rip that fucker (or fuckers) out of my gums though. :-/

Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Four

Thursday, November 27th, 2003

Mission accomplished. I was able to eat turkey (if you count swallowing small pieces but not chewing or savoring the food as eating). I also had some mashed potatoes, gravy, wedding soup, and apple sauce. With some caution, I was able to eat some potato salad and bread pudding as well. I finished the meal with some cheesecake without crust.

It was disappointing that I could not stuff my face with all of the wonderful food available, but I was pleased that I at least managed to get some turkey. It was also disappointing that I had to eat so slowly and that I could not really savor the meal since I was basically just putting the food on my tongue and swallowing. Oh well, though, right?