Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Six

Well, I made it to my appointment at 8:30 this morning even though I almost missed it (see previous entry). I got a real syringe for spraying out my sockets with, and things are going well according to the doctor. When I inquired about the exposed bone in my upper gums, he seemed nonplussed and explained that because of how my teeth were positioned in the jaw, they left a very sharp edge along the jaw where the teeth had been. So what is happening is that the jaw is basically cutting/hacking/tearing my upper gums apart because it is so sharp, and it will be exposed until it wears down some and “rounds off” the edge. This usually takes about 8 weeks according to the doctor. He says that I can expect to be in some real pain every time something touches the gums all the way back there on the upper jaw for the next 8 weeks or so.

I think that I have a plan to make this process go much quicker though. I am going to try to find something that is hard and course that I can stick back there on my upper sockets and “chew” on with my jawbone to help it weather quicker. The tricky part is making sure it is rough on top but soft on the bottom so that it grinds the bone down on the upper jaw but does not eat away at my lower gums as well. Anybody have any ideas? (Oh yes, and it cannot be something that tastes fowl or disgusting or that is a possible health hazard.)

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