“( I wish that I were ) Dead” Week.

So this week is supposed to be very calm and laid back. Students are not supposed to be presented with any new material, have and tests or quizzes, or have any projects/assignments due. The instructors are supposed to use this week to review for finals. There is even a number to call if your professor violates this policy. The problem is that most professors who violate this have tenure and so it doesn’t matter. And those without tenure are doing it largely because the guys with tenure are telling them to follow the example.

I have had new material every day in geology. I have had a quiz and a test in french. I have had two quizzes and two days of new material in history (and one day of review). I have had two days of new material in statistics and one day of review. I have had one day of new material and one day of review in media planning. And I have had no class in copywriting, because our final presentation is tonight at 6:00 pm. I have been spending most of my free time working on the presentation or worrying about the presentation. I have gotten an average of three hours sleep each night from sunday through wednesday, and I did not go to bed last night because I was finalizing my responsibilities for our presentation. I almost missed my checkup appointment for my wisdom teeth/gums because I was working on the project and didn’t realize how late in the morning it was. I hurried over to my appointment and just made it in time, only to find that the doctor was running a half hour late. I got home by 9:30 and continued working on the project. I decided to skip geology in order to finish the project, take a shower, and try to study for the first part of my french final which I took at 11:30. I was running late and almost was late for the french final, and I never did get to study. Fortunately, it was not very difficult. I then walked from Hodges Hall to the top of Price Street to drop of the finished papers for the presentation so that Laura and Erika can get them photocopied. That street is so much longer and steeper than it looks. Next, I lounged in the Mountain Lair and tried to read the paper while I waited for my 1:30 history class. I couldn’t hold my attention and so I was not able to read very much. Mostly I was just reading the same sentence over and over again trying to understand it; by the time I got to the end, I had forgotten what the beginning was. Jenni dropped by and I talked with her for a while until my class started. I got the review information in class and was able to leave a half-hour early. I went to the statlab and waited for it to begin. I set my head down for what felt like 30 seconds but turned out to be 30 minutes. Stat lab began and I completed the excercise and was able to leave early. Kim gave me a ride home and picked up one of the papers that she needed so she can make more copies for our presentation. Now I am about to take another shower, shave, make myself get well-dressed, and go meet with my group so that we can go over our presentation for a few practice runs before we actually have to give it. My eyes are burning so much. I can barely think straight. My body wants to collapse. My gums keep inflicting sudden hot pangs of pain. My room is a complete mess. I just want to go to bed. This is dead week alright. But not because all hustle and bustle is dead, but rather because it makes me feel that I am and desire to be dead.

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One Response to ““( I wish that I were ) Dead” Week.”

  1. steph767 says:

    I feel your pain. ;/ Cheer up, only one more week left!! (finals)

    then Winter Break :-D