Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Six Point Five

Throughout the course of the day, my gums/jaw/tooth thing have started feeling more and more sensitive. When I finally got home from our advertising presentations, i started prodding around my upper left gums with my finger. It was then that I discovered that something hard was loose under the gum. I tried pressuring it out in a few different ways, but all it did was move around more without coming out of my gums. It’s in their deep-ish though. I think that it is either a root that the doctor somehow missed, or else it is piece of jaw that somehow got chipped off the bone but is stuill trupped under the gums. I tried splitting the gums some with my finger nail to created a path for it to come out through, but no luck. I probably just fucked it up worse when I did that though. I am going to call a dentist tomorrow. I can barely type this out. I keep fading in and out of consciousness (I assume from lack of sleep). I’m going to use one of my pain pills and got to bed. Goodnight.

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3 Responses to “Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Six Point Five”

  1. holy shit, that’s awful!

    feel better + good luck.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Sweet Jesus!
    It reminds me of my fun experience.
    Over the summer when I was still going to Concord, I had my wisdom teeth out. From the x-rays I had, they said I had some sort of inverted wisdom tooth on the upper right of my jaw. It had grown upward and almost into my sinus cavity. So it went from just a normal procedure to something I had to go to the hospital for.
    So at like 6:30am at St. Josephs Hospital I go in to get them ripped out of my head… Actually, it’s shattered, cut, and then sucked out. I start off by the nurse letting my I.V. run out twice and I could see little bubbles go into my arm. That was less than cool. Not as cool as it was cold in the room since I was in a hospital and had to wear a damn patient gown and be carted off to a freezing cold room.
    Finally, they inject me with the “good stuff” and it was party time for a few short minutes before I passed out.
    I come to in the middle of a large room with lots of people around and really really bright flourescent lighting. I can see that I now had two large rolls of gauze resembling tusks sticking out of my face. Along comes another nurse and without saying a word rips them from my head. As I watched them pull out I could see the rust to dark red of blood around 4 inches long on each one, soaked. “You bitch!” I thought. They looked like they still needed to be in there.
    I get wheeled into a small cubicle where my family is patiently waiting on me to arrive. I can see puzzled looks on their faces as they were asking things like “What happened there to his lip? Is that going to scar? Is he going to be ok?”
    Thoughts at this time:”MY LIP? OH SHIT, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY LIP?”
    Apparently, whatever they had stuck in my head to do the work had shorted out and overheated and they didn’t notice it was burning my lip until they saw SMOKE coming from my face!
    So I got to go home with a swollen head and like 5 stitches in my lip. I still have a weird scar from it and it took a long time for it to heal.

    So yeah, I hear ya. At least the drugs are good.

    • jnshk says:

      Christ, that sounds a helluvalot shittier than my experience. Mine was actually going off rather well until the past couple days–of course, the past couple days have been fucked up bad for a number of reasons so it only makes sense that my mouth would decide to get worse then as well. Thankfully I only took two of the pills that first 2 weeks, so I still have plenty, and I may very well need them. I just got up from 18 and a half hours sleep, and although I feel rested, I still feel just as uncoordinated and unable to focus as I did last night.