Family Fun Day

So, today was the day that my dad and mom and I all spent together doing family activity. We went to the Johnson Space Center near Texas City (aka: Houston from “Houston, we have a problem.”). Took some tours, saw some exhibits, watched an iMax film about the international space station. I saw some neat things, some disturbing people, some sexy girls. I took plenty of pictures, but I doubt that very many came out very well. On the way home, we stopped at El Toro for dinner and then rented The Bourne Identity to watch when we got home. And then we watched The Bourne Identity, and it was good. While we were renting the video, I saw an interesting new product. I think that I totally need to get CRUNK!!! in the next couple days before I leave TX.

Anyhow, I will post some pictures from the Space Center as soon as I get them uploaded.

Holy crap! We landed on the moooon!

See! It’s even in the newspapers! Newspapers would never lie!

Hey, what are all those people doing on the moon??.. Wait.. You mean? .. It was.. faked?

So, apparently I would have to eat one cubic meter of moon dirt to get as much nutritional value of a Happy Meal?

Business up front, party in the back!

My dad acting like he is going to be “beamed up”, and then acting like Kent from Real Genius (if you’ve never seen it, go rent it. now.)

… and finally some real fun!

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13 Responses to “Family Fun Day”

  1. nessachan says:

    Wasn’t Crunk that scary guy chained in the basement in Goonies? o_o

    • jnshk says:

      hahahahha, no, you are thinking of Sloth. and Sloth looooooove Chunk!
      (jerk alert! it’s Chunk! — do the truffle shuffle!)

      • Did you happen to know Chad Duncan? My brother used to make him do the truffle shuffle ALLLL the time…

      • nessachan says:

        Hahahaha, oh right… How could I forget?! I was like.. “Crunk.. and Chunk.. that’ can’t be right…” Somebody named Crunk must be in some other movie…? haha..

        And btw… your little movie is hillarious… ahahhaha.. Excellent work.

  2. miss_fitzz says:


    i hated the space center when i was a kid.

    • jnshk says:

      yeah, there wasnt really a whole lot for me to do there. if i were still a kid, it would have been way more fun. i made it totally bear-able by checking out hot chicks between the ages of 17ish to 35ish though.

    • oh geez, i’m in love with your icon

      conan is the man

      and that little space movie gif thing also rocks, andrew

  3. Dear Andrew,


    *even dies*


  4. i looooove that pic of your dad!

  5. “oh noooooos!!!1!!” haha so funny. :)

  6. so_herewego says:

    haha i love it, great pics!

  7. That is the best animated .gif I have ever seen, and the fact that you names it “asstronut.gif” makes it that much better.