Andy’s Official Halloween Picture Post

Well, it was a pretty decent Halloween weekend. I went to Spanky’s annual Halloween costume party on friday night and got completely smashed. Emily and some other people took pictures, so I am hoping to get copies of those sometime soon. I won the secret costume contest and got a couple bottles of fine Polish “luxury” vodka (Belvedere and Chopin) in a boxed set. I also politely declined an offer to take a ride in a police cruiser (I think they just wanted to have some fun driving around with me in the car, but I figured I would be better off playing it safe and staying on the porch). Saturday I nursed a lovely hangover for most of the day, had lunch with Eryn and some other kids that I went to Concord with, and then headed up the hill for another costume party. A few local bands were playing, including my friends, Librarians, and the place was fairly well packed. I saw a few people that I knew, and lots of people complimented me on my costume. I spent the majority of the night standing out in front of the house because my costume made it difficult to move around inside. There were a lot of really cool and really good costumes at the party. The only part of the night that really worried me was the walk home. Some people had strange reactions to my costume–most people were pretty friendly, and I actually got invited to join a couple parties, but some people were rather violent. Some girl started yelling and asking someone to give her a beer bottle to throw at me. :-/ And then a group of drunk guys on a porch kept yelling at me, apparently thinking that my costume was “a box of blowjobs” (???), and for a moment I thought they were going to chase me down and jump me. But eventually I made it home OK, and all was well.

Daria (Laura W.), Nikki Sixx (Brad Inman), The bee-girl from Blind Melon’s self-titled album (Leann), One half of Kris Kross (Jarrod) – These were the kind souls who were nice enough to hang out front with me most of the night since it was a pain-in-the-ass for me to try to go inside.

Matt. Nuff said. (But check out Turd Ferguson in the background!)

Laura was being a jerk, so I ate her.

Matt wants to have like one bazillion of Domo’s babies.


More hugs!

This guy was pretty awesome–he was wearing nothing but body paint and purple shorts.


Two more good costumes–Joey Ramone and one of Da Superfans. (Go Bears!)

Domo loves driving!

Domo makes it home safely.

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24 Responses to “Andy’s Official Halloween Picture Post”

  1. liviarose1 says:

    Awesome pictures! *laugh*

    Livia Rose

  2. hahah. that’s about ridiculous!

    <3 but very cute.

    ♥ Jess

  3. miss_fitzz says:

    LOL omg those costumes were great. kris kross.. yes!

  4. hahaha nice costume! =)

  5. haha sweet i<3u
    you are a pimp with my lj friends huh!
    and what is that guy anyway??

  6. slope_tart says:

    LOL awesome!!

    Too bad we didn’t get to hang out…sorry

    Matt makes a stunning woman.

  7. mshooligan says:

    Holy crap, I just saw a picture of your friend Domo from my friend Bernard. Maybe we has at the same party as you. WEird!

  8. leannnnn says:

    I just noticed that in the picture you have of me hugging you, er… me hugging Domo, and the picture I have… You have this expression of, “Hurry it up, skank.” But with Joel… you’re smiling. You’re loving every minute of it. What’s wrong with me? Huh? I’m so hurt right now.

  9. why_x_smile says:

    I really like the Daria costume. :D

    Nice pics. :))

  10. illadi says:

    That’s a freaking awesome costume.

  11. that’s a great costume.

    and so is the daria one.

    i was a freakin black cat like EVERYONE else. haha

  12. misshugzalot says:

    I loved the Domo costume..

  13. domo driving with the top down…i love you!

    it just became my desktop wallpaper.

  14. joelp says:

    That picture is soon to by my icon, avatar, and desktop. Hell, I may even make an iron on shirt out of it and wear it on a daily basis.

    We need to go to the asian market some time. I’m running low on pocky.

    Thanks for the uber quality picture.

  15. brad7186 says:

    thanks for the add

    amazing pictures

  16. miss_fitzz says:

    i just saw you on! i was like.. WTF he’s on my friends list!

  17. I completely missed this post or I would have been raving a lot sooner. Well, I actually did rave about your costume, I just didn’t know it was you. Check out this post: