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Bureaucracy, 999+ : Humanity, 1

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Most of you are probably unaware of my recent WVU crisis, but the matter has been resolved today.

After this semester, I would only need 4 credits to graduate: Advertising Campaigns, Communications Organizations/Institutions, English Literature, and Humanities.


I think that maybe all this studying and preparing for advertising finals is really getting to me.

Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

“I am a walking product placement. It’s my job to get you to buy things. See… these markers–$20–buy them.”

(The markers were actually $18.80.)

In the third of my three dreams last night (one good, one absolutely awful, and one that was just strange), I was back at Capital again as a student, even though I am 22. I got to just walk around and choose whatever classes I wanted to go to (since I had already graduated), but I was still somehow a student. Also strange was that I spent most of my time hanging out with a guy I went to school with since grade school (and who lived on the same road I did when I lived in Charleston) but who I never really hung out with much. He is just as old as I am, but for some reason in the dream he was still just a normal high school student. He was in love with this girl who was a freshman and happened to be the (one of many actually) younger sister of another guy that I went to school with. In real life, these two guys were pretty good friends, at least until the second one chose to go to a different high school. The second guy didn’t want the first guy to go anywhere near his sister, because he felt that she was too young to be dating someone older, and was afraid that she would start acting slutty if she knew that guys liked her. This created a sort of Romeo & Juliet-esque struggle, as the second guy and his brother kept threatening to try to beat up the first guy.

I am unsure of my role in all of this, but it seemed that I was mostly just there to watch and to help whoever needed help. I definitely did not fit it, although no one was mean to me or anything. I just didn’t know anybody (except for those two guys) and I didn’t feel like taking part in the high school drama. At one point in the dream, as I was walking through the art store (CHS did not have an art store, but in my dream it did–located where the “special ed” room was in real life) with the first guy, we were discussing what class I had next. I said that I didn’t know, but it didn’t matter because I could choose whatever class I really felt like. I told him that the reason I was there must be to sell stuff to the high school students, and then randomly pointed at some permanent markers and (in jest) told him to buy them.

Required Reading

Sunday, December 7th, 2003

The following transcriptions were taken from two of the books that my class was required to read for Geology 103 with the illustrious Dick Smosna. The passages really stood out to me as I read them, and so I wanted to record and share them, especially since I will be selling the books back to the bookstore shortly (and only receiving 50% of what I paid for them so that the bookstore can resell them in January for 150% of what they bought them back from me for).


“( I wish that I were ) Dead” Week.

Friday, December 5th, 2003

So this week is supposed to be very calm and laid back. Students are not supposed to be presented with any new material, have and tests or quizzes, or have any projects/assignments due. The instructors are supposed to use this week to review for finals. There is even a number to call if your professor violates this policy. The problem is that most professors who violate this have tenure and so it doesn’t matter. And those without tenure are doing it largely because the guys with tenure are telling them to follow the example.