I have this skulking suspicion that I am becoming stale.

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  1. ligu_gwaine says:

    Damn, I’ve been wanting to see that movie since the summer.
    Alas, I have a final tomorrow at 7:30. So I should probably stay in today.

  2. wvuaaron says:

    I too want to watch it… goddamn finals blow.

  3. that movie is great. I should drive up there and see it with you. =D

    except my car sucks balls.

  4. I definitely would, except I’m in Charleston…and working…and work tomorrow… ::sigh:: I haven’t seen you in forever

  5. why_x_smile says:

    How do you become stale?

  6. I have it on my computor, so you just give me a time when you are going and I will make sure to watch it @ the same time…just to make things interesting. We can pretend it’s a date…a long distance date.