One last update for the night (I hope this is the last one, since I will hopefully actually fall asleep on this next attempt): Arnold uses the line “I’ll be back” in Terminator (and sequels), Commando, and Running Man. I need to go and re-watch some other movies to see if he uses it in them as well. Does anyone know if he says it in “Total Recall,” “Kindergarten Cop,” “Twins,” Junior,” or any of his other movies?

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  1. illadi says:

    That is the most random shit you’ve said.. I mean since your last two were like “I need to sleep now.”

    Hehe… he’s my governor.. *shakes head*

  2. odark says:

    I believe he says it in Twins…

  3. nessachan says:

    I hope he doesn’t say it as Governer!

  4. strikeonbox says:

    i think he says it to the class in kindergarten cop. i don’t remember why i would have ever watched that movie, but i seem to remember that scene.

  5. Anonymous says:


    i’m pretty sure he said it in one of his “comedies”, but thankfully i can’t remember. please don’t go renting them to find out.

  6. proverbdoll says:

    awww, I *like* arnold!

    but then, I am kinda odd!


  7. ligu_gwaine says:

    Pssh, you left out Last Action Hero, and my personal favorite: Jingle All The Way.

    “It’s turbo time, Chamey!”