Some thoughts I’ve been having/feeling lately:

Iam interesting, but not exciting. I think that I disappoint a lot of people who confuse the two when they first meet me. That’s just who I am though. I may be kind of exciting from time to time, but that’s just a rare occasion, for the most part. I think that people put too much stock in excitement anyway though. People are too much into living for the stimulated moment and not enough into just living well.

In other news, isn’t it funny how nostalgia can warm your heart and break it at the same time?

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10 Responses to “Some thoughts I’ve been having/feeling lately:”

  1. so_herewego says:

    i think interesting is better than exciting, anyway.
    and i agree with you on nostalgia

  2. odark says:

    What like how contra will never be the same… ::sniffles::

    • jnshk says:

      dude, no kidding. they just don’t make games like they used to. i went back and tried to play some of my old NES games and couldn’t believe how hard that shit was. it blows my mind that i was able to beat Yo! Noid back when I was 14 but I can’t even get past the third level now.

      • odark says:

        yeah, I used to school the shit out of contra… The games that pissed me off back then, drive me to genocide these days! Namely Ghosts and Goblins, A Boy and His Blob, and Marble fucking madness FUCK.

  3. mariegael says:

    i think you’re plenty exciting. course things were diff when we were dating, but you know that.

    “isn’t it funny how nostalgia can warm your heart and break it at the same time?”
    yes yes. just the other night i mentioned you to my mom. how you were my type & that had i tried to marry you instead micheal, i’d be pretty happy. too bad there’s just 1 problem w/ that, huh?

    • jnshk says:

      i’m not all that exciting, but i am interesting. i probably was reasonably exciting back then though. i think i had a lot more energy. i was just thinking today about how i wonder if i’ve gotten more mature or just less exciting and energetic.

      • mariegael says:

        well, let’s put it this way. you were exciting when not on the computer.

        • jnshk says:

          hahaha. ouch. hahahah. ouch. ::sigh:: it’s true, but the truth hurts. honestly, i’m only marginally better, i think.

          • mariegael says:

            well, i’m way better.
            i know it’s horribly narcissistic, but i find a lot of joy when people don’t recognize me b/c i look better. i saw someone last thursday who i knew when i was 19 or 20 & he did a double take. isn’t it silly how good something like that can make us feel?

            • jnshk says:

              see, i wasn’t talking about looks at all.. now you’re just rubbing it in. (although, i too am narcissistic, and i too look younger than i am.)