I have a love-hate relationship with McDonalds.

There’s plenty of backstory that goes hand-in-hand with this entry, but here are the pertinant details:

Cheap (and sometimes tasty) food VS. Terribly unhealthy food

So this week McDonalds has offered me two great deals: (1) a McHero (three burger patties, a few slices of cheese, some other crap, all on a sub sandwich bun)–I HAD to give it a try–and (2) five Cheeseburgers + a basket of fries for $5.

The McHero felt like eating a triple bypass cardiac arrest. It was so fucking greasy. Great concept, but poorly executed.

And of course, in addition the the 5 burgers + basket o’ fries I had to get a McChicken and a Double Cheeseburger off the dollar menu. This is a step down from my previous fast food gluttony endeavor, but it was still a respectable meal. And hey, even (soon-to-be) giant men have to take baby steps once in awhile.

The main point is: for all their recent talk of trying to help people not eat so unhealthily (for example, by announcing that they are eliminating the super size fries due in part to health–by which they really mean that it was wholly financial and not at all related to health–concerns), they are worse than fucking ever.

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19 Responses to “I have a love-hate relationship with McDonalds.”

  1. littlewoman says:

    you are my new favorite music person.

      • littlewoman says:

        you made me fall in love with straylight run’s Existentialism on prom night

        • jnshk says:


          I figure that they are more responsible than I am for you loving it… but yeah, they are awesome.

          • dave66 says:

            Re: :-D

            Its not mcdonalds fault its the consumers fault. $5 for basket of fries and chessburgers….

            You can get at kroger in morgantown. $1 head of lettuce, $2, 3 chicken breasts, probably kroger fries for $2, and 2 liter of diet pop for $1.

            Thats $5 for twice if not more the same amoutn of food.

            ANd fat people say they cant afoord to eat more healthy.

            • jnshk says:

              Re: :-D

              I feel bad about getting a head of lettuce and then not using it all before it goes bad. And to be honest, 5 cheeseburgers > 3 chicken breasts. I’m not sure about the price of chicken breasts, but fries tend to be more than that, I believe. Plus you need buns, so add another $1. And then you have to take the time to prepare and cook it all yourself.

              I definitely agree that it is the consumers responsibility though. People need to learn how to take care of themselves and how to have some self-restraint when need be. I find it offensive that people would blame a company for selling products at low prices. The last thing I really need is for food (fast or otherwise) to get more expensive.

  2. proverbdoll says:

    grrr taking down your other post before my stupid dial-up impaired home computer could load my comment! :)

    what i was going to say was:
    I AM on AIM actually….do you have my sn? if not its ProverbDoll16 :)

    and you’re welcome! :)

  3. dutchessvana says:

    let me get this straight. You had a mchero, 10 burgers, and 2 baskets of fries in one meal? ouch

    • jnshk says:

      no.. no.. I had a McHero meal at the beginning of the week. I had 7 burgers (well, one was chicken not beef) and a basket of fries last night.

  4. xhedisticx says:

    mcdonalds is unhealthy. horribly horribly unhealthy. but here’s what i don’t get – why does everyone just pick on mcdonalds? as if they’re the only fast food restaurant that is unhealthy.

    • jnshk says:

      i certainly agree. most other fast food restaurants really aren’t much, if any, better. the only reason that i picked on mcdonalds in this instance is because i got a great deal from them.

      i had a market fresh sandwich combo and 2 giant roast beef sandwhiches from arby’s one time. but that cost me like $11 and wasn’t even as much food as the mcdonalds that i got for $7 last night.

    • ligu_gwaine says:

      I think it’s because McDonalds has been around for so long and it is so popular. I mean, I think there will always be a McDonalds, ya know?

    • babypants says:

      I think it’s because McDonald’s kind of symbolizes the worst of what all fast food places have to offer, plus they have set the precedent for how many fast food chains run their businesses in an attempt to keep up with McDonald’s. They sort of created the assembly line process (as far as food preparation is concerned) and uniformity of product that is seen everywhere today. Like, for example, you could go to a McDonald’s in Britain and eat the same cheeseburger you could have here on Evansdale. That’s my take on it, anyways.

  5. babypants says:

    I hate McDonalds. I recommend “Fast Food Nation” for those that hate McDonalds and those that are on the fence in regards to hating McDonalds.

    Press releases like this make me hate them even more. Balanced lifestyle my ass. Don’t even get me started on their “i’m lovin’ it” campaign.

    Did I mention that I hate McDonalds? ;)

  6. melissascott says:

    Burgers = ewwww. end of story.