So, I watched Zoolander again–Yes, it is incredibly stupid, and yes, I still love it anyway–and while watching it, I noticed something awesome: The Little Kings. The band hanging out at Hansel’s pad, The Little Kings, are a band composed of all midget-members. I totally saw them in concert at HFStival 2002, and I got them to sign my t-shirt. (Unfortunately, I got so sweaty that the ink ran and the signatures faded.)

Also, I gained a new motivational phrase: “I care desperately about what I do. Do I know what product I’m selling? No. Do I know what I’m doing today? No… but I’m here and I’m gonna give it my best shot.”


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  1. miss_fitzz says:

    well aren’t you just a regular homebody.

  2. so_herewego says:

    i dont know if ive ever brought this up to you, but andy is one of my favorite names ever. i dont know why i decided to tell you that now.

  3. __juxtaposed says:

    I was debating my biggest fear today as I was making popcorn for a midnight snack, and I decided my biggest fear is not dying alone, or falling into a never ending pit (although that comes close in second), but my biggest fear is either countless spiders advancing towards/on me or just a huge one for me to battle. I cant even explain the horror they give me. I think Id rather do a lot of things then have to be faced with spiders. I hope that the spider that made those webs never tries to seek revenge against you.

    • jnshk says:

      i dont like spiders. i mean, there are lots of bugs i dont like (especially ants and silverfish and millipedes or centipedes), but the spider webs really get to me. small spiders are fine, and larger spiders i can deal with for the most part, but i really hate the webs. i always seem to walk into them and get them all over me, and i fucking hate the way they feel on my skin. i originally just went down there with a paper towel to brush away a few webs near the stairs, and then i realized that there were webs EVERYWHERE and some of them were huuuuge. so i went upstairs and got a broom. i didn’t want to get too close to any of the really large webs.

      please note though, of course, any spider larger than my thumbnail should not be suffered to live (except for tarantulas who have been de-venomized).

      • __juxtaposed says:

        I hate spiders, any size. When I walk into webs I get (Im laughing while typing this cause its quite a sight) so freaked out I cant even explain how I react. Probably typically girly, to most guys, but to me Im trying to fight against the hardly visible web. And even worse, the spider that may have weaved it.
        Once we were in florida and I dont know who had this marvelous idea to go on a trip in a boat in a large creek (now that I recall, it was probably me) but anyways we were riding along in this wooden raft… and thats when I realize we were outdoors and in florida and strange mutant bugs breed there… so the tour guide said, “And if you look above your heads you can see the banana spider.” I gave a shriek, and was shivering I was so scared. It was an awful experience. Maybe I hate them because I always have dreams about them.

  4. ha, on that recipe I could probably get the rice a roni done. not sure about anything else. i need to learn to cook.

    and spiders are the scariest things in the world. I saw one today in teh woods and nearly had a heart attack

  5. Hehe. I don’t think I have told you how much I enjoy talking to you.

    <3 Jess

    that was really random but I thought you should know.