I worked on the painting some more:

I need to add leaves and spanish moss to the trees. I need to add/update shadows for the trees. I need to touch up the hyacinths. I need to decide if I want to paint any blossoms on the hyacinths. I need to do all of this very very soon.

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  1. nessachan says:

    WOW! Your water looks really fabulous! Water is such a pain in the arse, but you made it look really nice! Bravo!

  2. the_eek says:

    I love the colors of the sky. It’s lovely so far!

  3. That’s amazing! *envious of your incredible talent* Very, very nice :)

  4. absolutely beautiful!

  5. miss_fitzz says:


    haha your title rules

  6. thislady says:

    wow, that looks great! really.

  7. that’s awesome :) …*envious* i wish i could paint!

  8. That’s really good. I like the coloring of the water & the sky together. It’s pretty.

  9. Anonymous says:

    From Eryn, the mean one

    Since everyone else is praising you excedingly I shall offer up a bit of criticism. I hate your painting . It sucks assssss. You are a no-talent hack. Move on. Give up. Get out.


    I like the water best. I think you have quite a good hold on it. Kepp truckin’ white boy. That thing’ll look “bangin'” by finish.

    NOTE* “Bangin'” is a word I picked up from the kids on the skreet. Apparently it’s real hip. Good job Andrew “Fatty McLarderson” Janeshek. Good Day.