Slow Progress

For those who are interested:

I finally got the water textured approximately how I want it to be. It isn’t quite what i was looking for, but it’s going to be good enough. I don’t think I have the right brushes or the extreme patience needed for what I originally had in mind.

I need to touch up the shadows in the water on the left hand side and make them more jagged/sharp/rough.

Then I just need to fill in the water hyacinths and the overhanging tree.

My impressions as I come closer to completing it: For a first attempt at painting with oils, I would say it is coming out pretty well. There are things about it that bother me, but I am not a professional artist and at this point I am afraid that if I go back to fix some of the stuff, I will just end up making it worse.

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8 Responses to “Slow Progress”

  1. hey dude i REALLY like it…it’s berry pretty :-)

  2. hot damn, thats awesome. i know that water is really hard to do, and you did it! effin awesome

  3. miss_fitzz says:

    you’re really talented.

  4. so_herewego says:

    that is simply amazing. really.

  5. glad to see it is going so well. best of luck in finishing it just how you want it.

  6. ghostielocks says:

    nice, very nice indeed…

  7. psykocaz says:

    For a first attempt at painting with oils ARE you kidding me?? this is aWEsome… first attempt with oils… damnnn…

    you’re one of those annoyingly talented ppl for whom this stuff comes naturally.. grrr to you~!!

    but i’m loving the painting.. the water looks way cool…

  8. …first time…with oils? holy shit, man, my first oil painting looked like preschool fingerpaints. so did my second, and I gave up. haha. looks good, man.