What would you call a man who would let the world pass him by to pursue a dream, but is not willing to fight for that dream? You would call him a fool, I imagine. But not me, I would call him a high-stakes gambler. The odds are long but they payoff is infinite. Wouldn’t it all be worth it–even if you didn’t win–just to say that you shot for the moon? Sure, maybe you won’t make it, but wouldn’t you rather strive for everything and fail than just settle for something lesser?

Or maybe I am just rationalizing a lifetime of bad decisions; I suppose it is something that a fool would do.

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  1. psykocaz says:

    if you settle for something lesser then you will never know what could have been.. at least if you try and fail, you can say you tried.. that surely is worth more than always wondering what could have been?

    how would one let the world pass him by for a dream yet not fight for it?

    i think we make decisions that are appropriate for the time, or we do what we can, can you really call these ‘bad’ decisions? if you thought you were doing the best thing at the time?

    maybe as long as you learn from them, they are worthwhile in the end?

  2. mariegael says:

    never settle. just make sure that dream is def what you want.
    i know people constantly tell me i’m too picky w/ men. but there’s no freaking way i’m marrying someone less than what i want now. not after i’ve gone through all this.