Quoth Captain Badass:

and just in case you were unsure, Captain Badass is the girl.

8 Responses to “Quoth Captain Badass:”

  1. so_herewego says:

    you are just so cool
    very nice <3

  2. fulksywvu says:

    wow. that is…inspiring. i appreciated that very much!

  3. illadi says:

    Lovely quote.

  4. annedisaster says:

    I think Capt. Badass resembles someone else…

    but you can’t beat a Songs: Ohia quote.

    I like it very much, Andrew. <3

    • jnshk says:

      quiet, you! (and it’s only partly meant to look like her.) i needed features from a real person to make it more natural looking, and so it had to be someone that (a) i had pictures of and (b) is very pretty. besides, (c) in some ways she is sort of the person most fitting to play that role in the picture.

  5. mshooligan says:

    For a minute there, I lost myself…

    I’ve seen you on thewayofjonah as often I as comment on there, so I had to see what you were all about. After seeing this piece, I’d have to say you’re quite the intriguing fellow! :) I empthatize with your lack of sleep in your last post. In two days I had about three hours sleep, in total. If ever you get bored in your ungodly hours or morning, feel free to IM me at inthebeddisco07. We can talk about Jonah, art or our mutual loss of sanity due to sleep deprivation! I hope you’re having a better night [day] by now. Take it easy.

    Con todo mi amor,

  6. soulsnatcher says:

    I like that.
    My last journal was almost nothing but art, but I deleted it.

    I got my tablet, and ended up doing less art than I was before. :-(