Save your breath; your soul is hollow…

I may have found a new tradition. This past weekend I had another drinking-and-drawing session. Much like last year, I started early and got thoroughly wasted and produced a picture to cover (and be backlit by) one of the windows in my bedroom. The picture as a whole is quite simplistic and not entirely what I had envisioned at first, but it communicates a sentiment well enough. The above image is a detail of part of the whole picture.

2 Responses to “Save your breath; your soul is hollow…”

  1. psykocaz says:

    i want one for my window

  2. I scrolled through all of your pictue gallery…it reminded me of the movie waking life. If you haven’t seen it I would recomend it…your art is very much like the art used in the movie.

    Anyway, once agin I found myself drawn back, and come away without dissapointment.