Giant Boy Attack!

Well, it isn’t officially completed, because I still need to bake/heat-set the paint onto the shirt, but since all of the paintwork is complete, here is the t-shirt that I have been working on over spring break:

Click for larger image. [2000x850]

Due to the nature of the decoration and the wrap-around style, the design will be prone to very quick fatigue and wearing out, but short of buying a bunch of fabric dye marker pens, there was no better way for me to do the design in full color. I might work on a monochromatic or limited color version later.

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22 Responses to “Giant Boy Attack!”

  1. It’s awesome!
    I want one!

  2. odark says:

    Wow, that turned out well.

  3. mystisk66 says:

    Wow! That is one awesome shirt.
    You are mucho talented my friend….

  4. unapologetic says:

    wow, that’s neat. if i see you wearing it, i will be sure to indulge you in lots of extra loud (so everyone around can hear and want a shirt and you can make lots of money) compliments! :D

  5. miss_fitzz says:

    lol that’s great

  6. pezywvu says:

    Very stylish! I like the robot the bestest.

  7. warhooligan says:

    I like this a lot.

  8. doesnotequal says:

    The little Star-Spawn makes me smile. Ah, Lovecraft.

  9. mariegael says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    from eryn, a fellow t-shirt maker

    That is one sweetasssweet tee, my friend. Goodness. You are such a perfectionist/narcissist. I like it. I don’t have enough patience to color in a coloring book with anything but Sharpies much less do anything like that. My tees are so juvenile with iron on letters and sharpie art. I feel like a failure. THANKS!!! hahah. much love.

  11. very key andrew….i like the robot!

  12. beehivegumby says:

    good job, my friend. we should start a t-shirt making business, but i don’t do graphics. i’m a stitcher. :)

  13. wvuaaron says:

    That shirt is awesome.

    Good job.

  14. I want you.

    Awesome shirt.

  15. Wow, that shirt turned out quite nicely!!!

    and to think, I was there when the idea popped into your head. and helped search for pictures, haha.

    I might make a trip up to morgantown sometime before you leave there… and if I dont’ get the chance.. well I’ll come visit wherever you end up. =)

  16. proverbdoll says:


    thats frikkin’ AWESOME! :)