I am not sure
if it is sinus pressure,
blood pressure,
a brain tumor,
or just the mysterious merciful grace of God,

but it feels as though my cluttered, sprawling mind
has finally grown too large to be contained
within the vast metaphysical boundaries of my brain
and is going to explode out of my brain
through my eye sockets
into physical existence.

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  1. Argh sinus pressure is evil!
    I expect it is probably just that, it can affect you really badly!
    I had really bad sinisitus for about a month, but it felt really awful-when I eventually when to the Doctor I broke down ‘I think I have a brain tumour!!’
    They were all ‘no, it’s sinisitus.’

    Boil your kettle, put some water and vicks[you know the de-congestant stuff?] in a bowl and breath in the fumes through your nose,that usually sorts me right out :D

  2. the_eek says:

    I feel your pain. All too many times have I been there.

    Sudafed is a Godsend and it doesn’t knock you out. I like to pair it up with a few Advil too, and I am a person who HATES taking medicine…this, however, helps immensely.

  3. mystisk66 says:

    I think your brain has grown too big for your head.

    I would suggest a couple of hours scratching yourself and talking about riding lawn mowers and chevy’s over a couple of cheap beers while wearing a white wife beater and rubber boots.Don’t shave either.A country music song containing the words “tractor and sexy” might benefit you as well.
    If you take my advice, your brain should shrink and you should be fine…

    Good Luck!

  4. liviarose1 says:

    Sinus troubles suck. But be careful and consider the options wisely before you do anything drastic. For example, sinus surgery. Can alleviate alot of problems and sickness (and I wouldn’t change having had a septo-rhinoplasty turbinoplasty for the world) but there are also things you have to deal with if you choose to go that route. I am no longer sick all the time with sinus infections, strep throat, I can breathe all the time, and am generally very happy.

    Cons..once you have sinus surgery or a nose job for cosmetic reasons, it is really easy to break or sustain horrible injuries to the area..it becomes more suseptable and prone to that sorta thing. Since I no longer have a lot of extra sinus tissue, adenoids, or tonsils anymore..my sinuses continually drain because there is not much there to hold it up there. So it constantly drains down the back of my throat, and recently I have been coughing stuff up including some blood. So that’s a major minus..but..over all, it’s a minor setback in the grand scheme of things and totally worth it in my opinion.

    Livia Rose