why can’t i just be happy with all of the great things that i have?
i don’t think that i will ever be happy.

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  1. Ditto for me.

    Yet, the big oxymoron about this is that I think I know what would make me happy, but I keep being lured away. Happiness will work for me when I satisfy the two constraints of doing something I want to do and doing something I should do. I have great things and great people in my life, but still I need to find the greatness I lost.

    I hope things get better for you, Andrew.

  2. nessachan says:

    Hmm.. I don’t think anyone is really “happy”, and if they say that they are it’s a lie. You can’t have happiness without having sadness too. Life isn’t really about being happy. Hmm..

  3. liviarose1 says:

    *hugs* What’s wrong? :(

    Livia Rose

  4. illadi says:

    Happiness is not constant – but rather it is the the moments of happiness that you live. If happiness were constant like any other emotion, we’d have become numb to it long ago.

  5. psykocaz says:

    i think we live in a time where we are over stimulated and we cannot let ourselves be happy because we are constantly being told “you need this, this, this or that to be happy” and “you can’t be happy unless you look this way and wear these clothes”… and as much as we all understand these ploys, some part of our subconcious is still affected by it

    i think you prolly have times when you are happy.. doing a particular thing, being with a particular person..

    it is hard to be “happy” and content with our entire lives.. and i think if you are then you stop trying to achieve, and you stop trying to make yourself “better” and stop striving to reach goals.. because you fall into a trap of “having everything” and how dull then, would life be?

    i don’t think anyone is ever completely happy because there is always room to grow and a chance to evolve and become “better” or just “different”… change is the only constant in life, if we were happy all the time, and were completely content, it thing life would become static and boring…

  6. k473 says:

    you could try to make a conscious effort to be happy about what you have. i’ve had four fish die within the last four days, but i’d rather think of it as i have two fish swimming around in rubbermaid drawers designed to hold cd cases. [it looks funny, i’m posting pics as soon as i get them]
    i guess it’s just a matter of perspective, because i’d much rather see things as positive than negative and consequently i do so. granted you can’t be happy all the time, but from day to day there’s usually a choice of how to take things. as said in the life of brian, “always look on the bright side of life”

  7. mystisk66 says:

    None of us are really ever happy or content. It’s always on our minds…on my mind. I wrote a poem about it the other day….

    The longing
    that sits like a rock in our soul
    Ever present
    no matter what we offer it
    Weighs upon us all
    and we carry the burden
    We push it in front
    Allowing it to direct our path
    And we drag it grudgingly behind us
    Allowing it to drain our strength
    We find the rock lifted
    From our soul on occasion
    A temporary release
    We set it free
    Skimming it across the waters of happiness
    Ripples of pleasure filling us
    We lie to ourselves and say we are content
    Knowing in time
    The longing will return
    Once the calm returns
    And the water reflects a mirror of tranquility.

    That’s my take on the whole happiness thing…I struggle with it too and in all of my 38 years I’ve never found the lasting happiness that the romance novels promised me…

    Hope you stick your toes in the water and enjoy the ripples while they last…that seems to be the only happiness we get…moving from pond to pond. Another way of looking at it is that if it didn’t rain so much there wouldn’t be so many ponds to choose from..would there?

    The circle of life…

  8. why_x_smile says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way… :( [I know how that is, about the “being happy with all the things i have” part]