Boys don’t cry. Girls are made of everything nice.

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“Don’t cry!” – Rather than deny your child’s feelings, talk about her emotions. Give your child the words to express herself, and ultimately she’ll cry less.

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“Wait till Daddy gets home” – Passing the buck undermines your authority. And by the time Daddy does get home, it’s likely that your child will forget what he did wrong.

I occasionally read random AOL news items that pique my interest/amusement. I read one today about seven things that you shouldn’t say to your children, and the above items are excepts from it. All of the other “what not to say to your kids” tips offered by AOL/Parenting Magazine were gender ambiguous. Why were these situations assigned gender?

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3 Responses to “Boys don’t cry. Girls are made of everything nice.”

  1. Man.
    I do that too.
    And I did that one.

    We’re so awesome.

  2. eggnogadam says:


    Yea, I think the writters were just shortsighted, or perhaps they figured they had better pander to a less imaginative audience.

    Either way, that sounded like a few tidbits of good/decent advice.

  3. why_x_smile says:

    apparently they are assuming that females feel emotion and boys don’t?

    and that males get in trouble more?

    my mom took a social something or other college class once that debated stuff like this… i skipped school a few times and sat in on the class and picked up a little… :-/