In an alternate reality, I would be Richie Cunningham.

I wish life were more like “Happy Days”.

It also makes me wonder what show my personal life is most like? Considering that there are and have been so many TV shows made, I’m sure that there must be a show that fairly closely resembles my own woeful misadventures and stumblings into the world of growing up. But what show would it be?

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14 Responses to “In an alternate reality, I would be Richie Cunningham.”

  1. nessachan says:

    “The Wonder Years” ? heh heh.. if I had to live in an alternate reality, I think I would pick The Dick Van Dyke Show.. or maybe The Addams Family. xD

  2. illadi says:

    Sit on it, Potsy!

    Bwahaha.. I think it’d be fun to live in That 70’s Show or maybe even Welcome Back, Kotter.. if anyone knows about that show. Or maybe even simply, I dunno. :P

    Hey btw, I need to ask you a really strange question that might be personal or not depending on what kind of person you are. Let me know if I can just ask you through here.

    Why, yes, I am weird.


    • jnshk says:

      well, i suppose it depends on just how personal it is? if you are concerned that it might be too much, you can IM me (check my profile for my AIM screenname).

      • illadi says:

        Well, I’m really pretty shy, and if I were asked this question I wouldn’t mind. So I guess I’ll ask you here. If anything, you can delete it later :P

        I was wondering if one of your recent ex’s may have pulled a real crappy break up on you.. like she became evil incarnate or something similar to that. You’ll think I’m weird but there’s a reason hehe.


        • jnshk says:

          well… the last official girlfriend i had… it ended due to bad things. in general, my past few relationships (official or otherwise) have been hard on the soul.

          • illadi says:

            I had a dream you were telling me about how you and your girlfriend broke up, and it was pretty bad… it was rather sad too.. Then I went and told you about my experience and we shared woes, hehe.

            I just wanted to know if it was clairvoyant or not.. like was she tall and did she have light brown/brownish hair. I’m uh, psychic, to a degree. Dunno if you believe that stuff.

  3. You are just too cool.
    I love TV Land. Its amazing.

    You rock the casbah, buddy.

  4. I used to watch the Nick-at-Nite sitcom television when I was like 10. I was in love with Mary Tyler Moore .

    I Dream of Jeannie is awesome. So was Bewitched. Maybe its an obsession with magic in ordinary lives, maybe its just because its funny, maybe its a lot of reasons. They were awesome.

    I am know that I am definitely not a Richie or Arnold (although sometimes I am that naive). I sit there and go through lines of life like I go through variations on the chess board. I just sit there and break off into tangents, even while I’m talking to someone, and place what is in front of my face on the side and I go down a road that I really can’t touch. Perhaps its just an internal analysis of what is actually happening beyond the surface of a setting or conversation I am engaged in.

    The problem with doing this, though, is that I begin to start internal conflicts between what is “right” and what I want. The worst thing in the world to happen in this n-dimensional space is for the cyclical hate-want struggle to be uncurable. There are things which I wish to do but don’t (for example, one-night stands), and I don’t do these things because I think I would hate myself because I believe them to be wrong. So either I live with the desire or I live with the shame. I haven’t decided yet which is worse.

    I don’t think there is a character out there like that. haha

    • illadi says:

      I literally grew up watching Nick at Nite. I’d watch pretty much every show. I think that’s why I’m rather old fashioned for a 20 year old in this generation hehe.

      • Haha, I’d watch most of the shows too actually, except the ones that they added which weren’t “Nick at Nite” material. Maybe it was me getting older and the shows getting newer.

        • illadi says:

          That’s what happened with me. Now all they have on Nick at Nite is the Cosby Show. I mean I can enjoy the Cosby Show but it doesn’t really seem like a Nick at Nite show :P