Yet again, I couldn’t sleep. I decided to do something productive. I am discovering that it is difficult to find inspiration while sober these days, but this turned out pretty well. It may be the best sober work of art (excluding digital art) that I have done in the past 5 years, excluding the painting that I did this summer.

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Now I have nothing good to do. I wish I had cable tv to watch. I think I’m going to go have a beer and try going to bed again. Good morning, everyone.

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  1. It makes me sad.
    All the longing.


  2. psykocaz says:

    i pose to you… a challenge…

    seeing as you *claim* to have nothing to do…
    and because i really really love your artwork..
    and i am moving to a new flat and desperately need things to fill my walls…

    i would be honoured and would LOVE if you made something for me.. the only trick would be.. it would need to be postable and travel half the world to get to me! if you would be so kind as to take this wee challenge on.. i would love you and i will be sure to find some way to repay you…

    i dunno what there is that i can get here that maybe you can’t get…. but yea… something to keep you occupied if you really have *nothing* to do!

    • jnshk says:

      Re: i pose to you… a challenge…

      i was actually thinking about this earlier. you had left a comment asking if i could make something like i made to cover my window for you. the problem of postage was the biggest obstacle that i could come up with as well. the second, though less problematic, obstacle is just what to draw out for you.

      i think i could probably just roll it up and send it in a poster tube (i think i have one laying around here somewhere), but i don’t know what the shipping will be like. it might cost as much as $10-$20 US (though i sure hope not) and i don’t know how long it might get held in customs. i imagine that the best way to do it would be for me to get it all ready to send and then find out how much it will cost and maybe get an approximate delivery time for it. then once i know how much shipping will be i could let you know and you could send me the money to cover it and i would send it out. maybe i will stop by the post office and ask for an estimate on shipping a poster down under.

      by the way… it’s not so much that i hve nothing to do as it is that i just don’t/can’t do the things i need to do for some reason or another, heh.

      • psykocaz says:


        well… if you find out how much it will cost and stuff.. that’d be good… i could put money straight into your account if need be… hopefully i won’t cost me an arm and a leg… i am jobless and poor!

        considering it will weigh next to nothing… it shouldn’t be tooo expensive.. hopefully.. and customs could be a pain..

        procrastination is the epidemic plauging(sp?) today’s youth…

        but i have days where i would rather clean my house.. like scrub out the oven than do work that i’m meant to do… it’s all frame of mind