Beauty School Graduate Equivalency Degrees

I suppose that it is one of the reasons that I let my hair grow out; whenever I get a haircut, there is always something about it that isn’t quite right and that I have to fix myself when I get home.

Today’s haircut was worse than usual. Usually, they just leave one side slightly longer than the other on top or they get my sideburns uneven, but today it was slightly longer on the left, too long in the back part of the top of my head, and the trim across the neckline was lopsided AND had a chunk that was way shorter than the rest. I suppose that it is a good thing that I have plenty of practice cutting my own hair, or I would never have been able to fix this one by myself. It is weird having short hair again after having it long and shaggy for about 9 months.

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One Response to “Beauty School Graduate Equivalency Degrees”

  1. Beauty School drop out…. no graduation day for you…