rob schneider says: “who are the ad-wizards that came up with that one?”

omg… i just saw a commercial for one of those yogurt in a tube products (i am not sure which brand it was) and they are advertising their new “shrek” line of flavors, which includes a flavor called “donkey-berry punch”. first off, i don’t think i would want to eat a donkey-anything flavored snack (unless maybe it was like donkey-jerky or donkey-steak or donkey-burger or something). and second off, how did anything with a name containing the word “donkey” followed by the word “punch” get past the decision-makers? but seriously, it is too funny, right? or is it just me?

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8 Responses to “rob schneider says: “who are the ad-wizards that came up with that one?””

  1. miss_fitzz says:

    AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA DONKEY PUNCH, there are some sick fucks working at dannon or whatever. “dad, can i have a donkey berry punch?” siiiick

  2. the_eek says:

    For some reason, whenever I think of a donkey, the smells of piss and shit come to mind…definitely wouldn’t want to eat either…

  3. thats fucking hilarious…. hahahah

  4. ligu_gwaine says:

    Well, also donkey punch is a crude sexual technique…
    Not very tastey.

    I’d rather eat a bowl of camel-berry toe or butt-berry penetration.

  5. nessachan says:

    hahahaha, that’s gross. My mom bought some of that yogurt in a tube, and I tried it, and I gave my self a massive papercut on my lip. I would not recommend it to anyone, espc. if it was “donkey berry punch”. x___x It’s gross.

  6. xhedisticx says:

    they need to make mung and rusty trombone flavored.