It’s good to have goals…

In this modern time of blaming our health woes on the fast food industry and requesting 1/2lb angus burgers without a bun to so that we don’t have to excercise because we consumed all those pesky carbohydrates, I have chosen the tread the path less traveled. I have decided constantly raise the bar, and outglut myself whenever possible. On Tuesday, I attempted to consume two “chicken & more” meals (each meal consists of: 3 batter dipped chicken planks, fries, 2 hushpuppies, coleslaw)from Long John Silver’s as well as a 7 piece boneless honey bbq chicken box from KFC–all in one sitting. Unfortunately, I was only able to consume the chicken & more meals, and had to save the KFC for later.

Hot on the heels of this disappointing performance, however, I stepped up to the plate again today. This time, I almost knocked it out of the park, but still fell short of my desired goal. I was able to consume 2 quarter-pounder-with-cheese value meals, 2 double cheeseburgers, and 10 chicken mcnuggets– but this was 10 chicken nuggets short of my goal.

Just for reference, that is: 3,730 Calories; 178 grams of Total Fat; 6,790 milligrams of Sodium. Not bad for a small guy (5’9, 165lbs), right?

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7 Responses to “It’s good to have goals…”

  1. xhedisticx says:

    that fuckin rules dude.

  2. ligu_gwaine says:

    That is the definition of BITCHIN’.

  3. liviarose1 says:

    DAMN! *laugh* I’m impressed.

    Livia Rose

  4. you going to comit fast food suicide…awesome!

  5. beehivegumby says:

    damn, kid. i can’t even eat that much and i’m taller and heavier than you.
    i dont know if i should say good job or not, but i’ll say good luck.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good LORD

    You are once again the fatty I know and love. Kudos my friend. You’ve outdone yourself, you fat bastard.

  7. jesus h., I need to try that.