We don’t bother anyone. We keep to ourselves. The mailman visits each of us in turn.

Well, I found a place to live next year. I think it will be pretty good. It is a single that is basically the whole ground floor and basement of a small house. One bedroom, a small living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a small utility room, a basement. I also have an old garage and a driveway, but since I have to share the driveway with whoever moves in upstairs I will probably just park on the street most of the time. It isn’t a very busy street, so that should be OK. I will have to pay $400.00 a month for rent, but basic utilities are included. The house is in the same part of town that I live in now, but is a couple blocks closer to campus. It is down the street about eight blocks down the street and two blocks to the right from where I live now. I am actually kind of looking forward to living there.

The owner is Kingdom Properties, which I have no background information on, but the place was head and shoulders above the other places I have looked. That size for that price just cannot be easily beat in Morgantown. I also stopped back by the apartment to talk with the current tenant after seeing a few other apartments, and the tenant says that he has lived there for three years and never had any problems with either the apartment or the landlord.

For anyone who wants to stalk and gruesomely murder me or send me money and gifts next summer, the address is:

432 Pennsylvania Ave.
Apartment C
Morgantown, WV 26501

*Please note: Please do not stalk me if you have no intention to gruesomely murder me.


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