Andy has a posse.

Just so that you know, I am no longer completely isolated and lonely here in Texas.

andy has a posse.

i’s gots minions now. quillions o’ minons.
respek! booyashaka! word.

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16 Responses to “Andy has a posse.”

  1. h2dmsk says:

    I <3 your hat

    ps – congrats on the minions, ive been trying for some for years

  2. beehivegumby says:


    bring them up to austin for a good time…


    • jnshk says:

      i was thinking it might be cool to come to austin for halloween.. surely there would be some swingin’ costume party that we could go to, yes? but the big problem is that i don’t think i can fit my costume in my car. i might be able to borrow the van instead though, perhaps…

      • beehivegumby says:

        i, sadly, know of no parties. well that’s not true. i think my friend, sabina, is having one. i’ll have to scope it out. i think they are all during the weekend also…

        it’s a fun town though! you gotta come sometime!

  3. hrm, at least you are wearing your respective posse colors.

  4. so_herewego says:

    i haven’t commented in awhile, just thought i would.
    you are quite handsome, if i’ve never mentioned that to you before.

  5. illadi says:

    HAHA! Where the heck did that come from?

    You look so funny, btw. And I like your newsboy cap. Rowrr.

  6. evilmuffin says:

    I want minions..hazzah!

  7. that thing got my facebook friends page all shoot up! creepy!