Do you ever play a song, and it affects you so much that you feel like you are about to convulse, have a seizure, have an aneurysm, have a cardiac arrest, vomit, and cry all at the same time? I have been having trouble sleeping (surprise surprise), so I decided to listen to some old songs that I have not listened to for awhile. One of them just so happens to be a song that makes me feel as though I am on the verge of doing each of the aforementioned things simultaneously. Even having only listened to the first few seconds was enough, and now my skin is tense and hurts, and I feel evenmore exhausted than before. Fuck.

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  1. doesnotequal says:

    I shouldn’t even have to ask the question.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eryn says

    You fascinate me. I have this theory that you would not be nearly as creative or incredibly talented nor artistic if you were happy all of the time. Obviously not all of the time, but even most of the time. Misery creates great things. I am sorry about that, really. I am happy and I feel like the biggest worthless lump wanker. So I suppose contentedness isn’t that great because you turn into a moron.

    • jnshk says:

      Re: Eryn says

      I agree to some extent. I know that I tend to be more creative when I am miserable. There is less urge and inspiration to create when I am content. The trick would be to get onto the other side of the coin, and be elated most of the time, because then I would have plentiful inspiration again, I think.