Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Two

Things have been mostly uneventful since part one.

The biggest problem so far has been that my gums did not want to stop bleeding. I would change out the gauze every hour or so, but the sockets never really would stop bleeding. Sometimes they would have almost quit, but then they would start up again. Once they got to a point where they were only barely bleeding any, I finally decided not to put any more gauze in. I think that was a wise decision, because the bleeding no longer got much worse, and at times would completely stop before starting up again. It seems that the reason I couldn’t get the bleeding to stop with the gauze was that my jaw would twitch while clamping the gauze to my sockets, and so it kept disturbing the clot a little.

I had to wait until midnight before I could go to bed, because I had to take a dose of antibiotics. I also had to get some food in my stomach in order to take the antibiotics. This was a challenge since my sockets were still bleeding ever-so-slightly. I finally got the pills swallowed without doing any real damage, and the food (lukewarm tomato soup) actually went down easier than water had been.

Then I tried to go to bed. It wasn’t working very well because of my sinuses and all of the saliva that would accumulate in my mouth, but finally I figured out a solution. I folded and stuffed a paper towel in my mouth (sort of like a fuse) and it allowed me to breath as well as soaking up any excess blood and drool.

I have pretty much been sleeping all day, but on occasion getting up to get a new paper towel “fuse” and to wipe off my mouth. I also had to get up around 9:30 to take more pills, and the process was basically the same as the first time. My gums had stopped bleeding, but when swallowing one of the antibiotics, my lower left socket started to bleed just a little bit again. And it started to really hurt. So I took a half-dose of the painkillers and it has been OK since. I have to take another antibiotic dose soon, and I think I am going to try to eat some mashed potatoes. Wish me luck!

Corollary to entry:
I have been craving so many different solid foods. Most notably, I have had cravings for Boston Cream donuts, Chinese food, and some thick, juicy, grilled hot dogs with cheese, chili, onions, slaw, ketchup, mustard, and maybe just a touch of relish.

This experience sucks the most in that aspect. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I am going up to visit my grandparents, and we are going to the Serbian Center for the huge Thanksgiving Day Buffet that they have each year. It really sucks that I am going to be limited to mashed potatoes and gravy.

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2 Responses to “Adventures In Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Part Two”

  1. aww you poor thing. i had pain for like two weeks; i only ate things that were “my height:” short enough for me to be able to open wide enough to get it in my mouth. i still get stuff stuck in the holes and it’s been six months now.
    i also am amazed that you are aware enough to type. i was too drugged to make sense.

  2. I just left the gauze in my mouth I think. It really sucked. But I’m glad to see you’re doing better and that you do get to go to your grandparents. Sorry if I made you feel weird or anything the other day, I just felt like I should say that (and I do/did mean it). And chinese food sounds soo good. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better by turkey day to eat real food.